dog in hot car

What to Do If a Dog is Left in a Hot Car

With May 23 being National Heat Awareness Day and the hot summer…
guide dog

How to Become a Certified Guide Dog

International Guide Dog Day recently took place on April 27th.…
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DGP’s May Dogs of the Month: Zara & Lola

Meet our newest DGP star, the May Dog of the Month, Zara! She…
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How to CORRECTLY Store Dog Food

Are you storing your dog's food correctly? The condition of your…
Chocolate lab

Surprised That These Are The Most Popular Dog Breeds?

Can you believe that there are over 300 dog breeds in the world?…
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Weird Dog Behaviors Explained

You have probably seen your dog do some things that you think…
Roosevelt Fala

Famous Dogs of the White House

There are many prestigious pooches that have graced the halls…

Is Your Dog Suffering from Separation Anxiety?

Separation anxiety is a real issue for many dogs. When the bond…
Celebrity Dog

Celebrities With Big Dogs

What do you love more than your favorite celebrities? Their dogs…
Dog of the month

DGP’s March Dog of the Month: Rosie

Say hi to Rosie, our March Dog of the Month. Rosie is a 12 year…
Dog licking, lick

Why Do Dogs Lick?

Have you ever wondered why dogs lick? Dogs lick to collect information…
easy crockpot meal for your dog

Simple Slow Cooker Meal For Your Dog

Who doesn't love slow cookers? They are so easy to use, minimize…
How to Spot Aches in Dogs

How to Spot Aches and Discomfort in Your Dog

How can you spot aches and discomfort in your dog? This can be…

DGP Does Dog Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is coming up next month. Before all the…

DGP’s January Dog of the Month: Lizzie

Introducing Lizzie, our January Dog of the Month. Lizzie is a…
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A Pet’s Guide to New Year’s Resolutions

New year's resolutions can be for your pets as well! As we say…

A Pet’s Guide to Holiday Gift Giving

Gift giving is on everyone's mind. Why not give a cuddly pet…

Pet Safety: Holiday Edition

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! However, it can also…

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Dog

‘Tis the season to spoil your dog with holiday gifts! Gift…

DGP’s December Dog of the Month: Sophie

Meet Sophie, DGP's December dog of the month. Sophie is an 11…

Who Should Adopt Senior Dogs

Senior dogs can make great companions! Pet adoption can be the…

Why Adopt a Senior Dog

Senior dogs need love too! They might not be as small as puppies,…
Bo and Willow

Recipe of the Month: Pup-Loaf

Thank you to Jane Chrestensen for sharing her pup-loaf recipe…

How to Keep Your Senior Dog Healthy

Do you have a senior dog? November is Senior Dog Month! Celebrate…

4 Tips When Exercising Senior Dogs

You'll notice that even the most active dogs slow down with age,…
Walloda in Costume

DGP’s Halloween Costume Contest

Who doesn't love seeing an adorable dog dressed up in costume…

DGP’s November Dogs of the Month: Shadoe and Jazzy

For November, we are featuring two doggy siblings as our dogs…

Adopt a Dog Month

We celebrated Adopt a Dog Month all October long! Established…

5 Tips for Walking Your Dog

Our canine companions enjoy their time outside, so make sure…

3 Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy this Fall

Fall is officially here, but unfortunately that means flu and…