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Recipe of the Month: Pup-Loaf

Thank you to Jane Chrestensen for sharing her pup-loaf recipe with us! She gives pup-loaf to her canine companions Bo and Willow as a treat on special occasions.

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Pup-loaf is made with venison, tripe, blueberries, eggs, and carrots. These ingredients are all healthy for your pet. Let’s take a look at the benefits of each ingredient. 



Venison is easy for most dogs to digest. This tasty meat will give your dogs their protein fix.



Tripe can provide your furry friend with digestive enzymes and may help boost their immune system and metabolism.



This superfruit contains antioxidants which aren’t just good for people! While dogs don’t need as much fruit and vegetables as people do, an occasional blueberry may help your dog’s fur shine.



Dogs need protein and eggs provide it! A healthy and easily digestible protein can improve your dog’s day.



Carrots aren’t just good for people either! They can help your dog’s immune system and strengthen their teeth with all that crunching. Their bark won’t be worse than their bite for long when munching on carrots. 

Thank you again to Jane for sharing this recipe with us on Facebook so other dogs can enjoy pup-loaf!

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