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How to CORRECTLY Store Dog Food

Are you storing your dog’s food correctly? The condition of your dog’s food is vital to his or her health. The key to keeping food fresh and preventing mold from growing on it is all in how you store it. You may be surprised by some of the ways you should not store your dog food. Here is how to correctly store dog food so that it stays fresh and your dog stays healthy.

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Tip #1: A common misconception is that you should pour your bag of dog food into a storage container. This is not the case. The bag is designed to keep the food fresh for as long as possible. It also helps to contain the fats which are in the food. Without the bag, the fats can easily spoil.

Tip #2: Instead of dumping the food, keep it in the bag and then put the entire bag in the storage container. By putting the food in a container, you will prevent insects and rodents from eating and contaminating your dog’s food. We recommend using a plastic, metal, or glass container.

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Tip #3: Make sure you store food in a high and dry location. You want to keep it high so it is harder for insects and rodents to find. You want to keep it somewhere dry because moisture can cause it to become moldy and spoil.

Tip #4: After opening the bag of food, make sure your dog consumes it within the next 6 weeks. Once it has been 6 weeks, be sure to throw this bag of food away because it is no longer healthy for your dog to eat. In addition, food should only sit in your dog’s bowl for 24 hours maximum. Feed your dog smaller portions to ensure you are not wasting any food.

What you feed your dog is so important to his or her health. We know you would not want your dog eating moldy, old, or insect-infested food. By following these four simple tips, you will ensure that this will not happen again or hopefully never happen at all!

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