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DGP’s May Dogs of the Month: Zara & Lola

Meet our newest DGP star, the May Dog of the Month, Zara! She is a 9 year old Giant Schnauzer who will be turning 10 this summer. Zara has always been an active dog, going on swims and hikes with her pet parents Karen and Keith. They frequently take her on the boat with them to cruise to Croton beach, anchoring the boat and letting her swim in the water. Zara’s newly found confidence has even led her to swim up to other people’s boats looking for a new friend or food! Karen and Keith now keep a leash on her while she swims so she doesn’t venture too far away.

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dog of the month

Two years ago, Zara developed arthritis which prevented her from doing all of the activities she once loved. Karen and Keith were heartbroken to see her struggling to simply get up off the floor or jump onto the couch. Zara was so stiff that she could barely move at all.

Luckily, Keith had heard about DGP from a friend who experienced similar issues with her dog and decided to try it out for Zara. Ever since starting her on DGP, Zara has not been in  pain and has been able to once again partake in her favorite activities like swimming and hiking.

dog of the month

Four months ago, Karen and Keith welcomed another Giant Schnauzer into their family when they brought home a beautiful puppy named Lola! Zara has been able to keep up with this little bundle of energy thanks to DGP and the two have become great friends. They go on long hikes in the woods as a family. Karen says that the dogs are a cherished part of their family and they love them very much. She is thankful that DGP has allowed their family to continue to stay active and do their favorite activities together.

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