3 Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy this Fall

Fall is officially here, but unfortunately that means flu and cold season is coming. Stay healthy and active! While it is exciting to watch the leaves begin to change, the dropping temperatures can cause you or your dog to feel under the weather. Make sure you keep your pet happy and healthy during this transitional period.

Here are our tips to make fall more enjoyable for you and your pet!

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Dress Warm.

As the weather gets cooler, make sure your pet is warm with a coat or sweater. Get some waterproof gear for those rainy days too! During your walks, layer up both yourself and your dog. No one wants to be sick for the holidays!


Exercise Indoors.

With the seasons changing, there will be times when the weather won’t allow you to venture outdoors with your pet. Ensure your dog is still active with indoor workouts! Try an indoor obstacle course or a quick game with a chew toy. Exercise is always in style no matter the weather!


Be Seen.

As the days get shorter, the time to take your canine out for a walk in the sunlight is limited. If you are out with your dog at night, make sure both of you can be seen. Try bringing reflective gear, flashlights, or a light-up collar on your walks.  Remember, safety first!


Be happy, healthy, active, and safe this fall!


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