How to Keep Your Senior Dog Healthy

Do you have a senior dog? November is Senior Dog Month! Celebrate by keeping your dog happy and healthy. Here are tips from DGP on how to keep your senior dog healthy and active!


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Keep their weight down.

Keep your furry friend at a healthy weight. Overweight pets are at higher risk for health problems. The extra weight may put strain on the joints and internal organs. If you find your senior dog putting on too many extra pounds, discuss a diet plan with your veterinarian.


Exercise your dog.

Your dog may be aging, but his legs still work! Make sure to take your canine companion on walks. Not only will this keep your pet healthy physically, but it will help keep him sharp mentally as well. Try different routes to keep your pet on his toes and exploring new paths. Longer walks might be too strenuous for your pet, but short daily walks will improve your pet’s health.


Nutritious diet.

A healthy diet is important for your dog at every age. A nutritious diet is critical to keeping your senior pet healthy and active.  Talk to your vet about specific dietary needs for your senior dog.


Pet toys.

Give your senior pet some new toys. Stray away from the toys your pet always plays with and give him something new. New toys will give your dog mental stimulation and encourage interaction between you and your pet.


Teach old dogs new tricks.

Senior dogs can learn new tricks! New tricks can challenge your furry friend’s brain. New commands can also stimulate your senior dog’s mental capabilities in ways that may not have been as stimulated since he was learning basic commands as a puppy.


Enjoy Senior Dog Month and every day with your senior companion!

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