Dog Car Safety

Dog car safety is an often overlooked aspect of pet ownership.…

July 2020 Dog of the Month – Baylee

We are proud to introduce our July 2020 Dog of the Month, Baylee!…
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Why Does Your Cat Stare at The Wall?

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Age Is More Than a Number When It Comes to Dog Health

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Senior Dog Behaviors Explained

In addition to going gray and looking physically different,…
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Senior Cat Adoption

Adopting a senior cat can be one of the best decisions youmake.…
Hammy DGP Dog of the Month 2019

January 2019 DGP Dog of the Month: Hammy

Meet the DGP Dog of the Month for January 2019! We’re proud…
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Change Your Cat Care Habits with the Change of the Season

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Caring for Senior Dogs: Labrador Retriever Edition

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4 Easy DIY Cat Toys

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Holiday Treats for Senior Dogs

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DGP's November Dog of the Month: Ralph

Meet Ralph, an adopted 10 year old pitbull. As a stray dog in…

FAQs About DGP & Your Dog

You've asked and we've listened! Pet parents have had burning…
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Our Favorite Movie Dogs Ever

With The Secret Life of Pets hitting theaters a few weeks…

DGP's October Dog of the Month: Casey

DGP's October Dog of the Month is 10 year old Casey. Related:…

Should I get my Pet health insurance?

Adopting a dog means taking on certain responsibilities…  emotional…

Winter Tips for Pets

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Beat the Heat: Keep your dog safe in the summer!

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