DGP’s November Dogs of the Month: Shadoe and Jazzy

For November, we are featuring two doggy siblings as our dogs of the month. Shadoe and Jazzy have been raised together as adopted siblings for years.


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Shadoe was adopted from a ranch in Santa Paula. She gave her pet parents quite the scare when she would frequently growl as a puppy. Her growl is worse than her bite, though. Growling is Shadoe’s equivalent to a cat’s contented purr. As she has gotten older, the growling has lessened. At 9 years old, Shadoe now takes DGP for her aging joints. DGP helps her to keep up with her younger adopted sister, Jazmin or “Jazzy,” who also takes DGP.


Jazmin was adopted from the Angels in Fur Rescue, a local shelter close to her owners’ neighborhood. Jazzy, as she is nicknamed, was diagnosed with a slipped disc after about a year with her owners. This was difficult for the whole family. As a puppy with a slipped disc, Jazzy found it difficult to move around. At first, she would turn the wrong way and yelp in pain, but her symptoms progressively worsened. Jazzy wouldn’t sleep at night and would walk around the house whimpering in pain instead. It got to the point where she lost the use of her front “hand” paws at times.


Her vet said there was little to be done to rectify the situation. The best solution the vet had was to keep Jazzy in her kennel so she could heal. However, the kennel didn’t do the trick. Jazzy did not like it and would move around more trying to get out, which caused more stress on her injury. Her owners were told about DGP from friends and quickly ordered it for Jazzy. Within weeks, there was improvement in Jazzy’s condition.

At 7 years old, Jazzy is now able to go on 3-4 mile hikes with Shadoe and their puppy parents. Before DGP, she wouldn’t “shake” hands with her owners because of the pain it caused her. Now she can “shake” with the best of them. Not only does Jazzy “shake” hands well, but she has learned other tricks that allow her to put weight on her hind legs, such as opening doors. This is something her owners believe would not have been possible without DGP. Jazzy and Shadoe both continue to take DGP for their joints and enjoy each other’s friendship and company.



We are glad to see DGP keep these sisters healthy, happy, and together!

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