DGP’s December Dog of the Month: Sophie

Meet Sophie, DGP’s December dog of the month. Sophie is an 11 year old retriever and springer spaniel mix and enjoys spending time in Pennsylvania with her pet mom, Patty Di Folco. She can be found lounging on the couch with Patty or enjoying her time outdoors.

Sophie was adopted from the Humane Society when she was about 3 months old, so she has been with Patty for quite some time. At that time, Patty had another dog in the house, a black lab and golden retriever mix. However, Sophie quickly began running the household.

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About a year ago, Sophie injured the muscle around her vertebrae. This caused her an extreme amount of pain. It was hard for Sophie to walk without feeling discomfort, let alone do the things she enjoyed. Sophie had trouble walking up steps and jumping up on the couch.

Patty quickly realized that Sophie had pulled a muscle. This happened over the weekend and Patty had to wait for the doctor’s office to open during the week. It seemed Monday would never come. Sophie was in too much pain to wait three days. Patty had to find a remedy for her loving companion. 


Patty wanted to alleviate the stress on Sophie’s muscle as quickly as possible. She decided to increase Sophie’s daily dose of DGP to quicken her recovery process. Sophie’s usual dose of 3 DGP tablets a day was increased to 4. This began on Friday. By Saturday, Sophie was feeling more like her old self and stopped crying while walking. When Sunday rolled around, Sophie was able to jump up onto the couch and cuddle up again with her hero, Patty.

Sophie can now jump onto any plush surface and relax with her pet mom. To celebrate her health, she likes to dress up on occasion as pictured below. She also enjoys going out and about and running errands at the store with Patty.

Sophie is very caring and takes care of her pet mom, Patty, who lives alone. Sophie is a great protector and watch dog. She will bark whenever she hears anything suspicious. Each morning, Sophie greets Patty by looking her right in the eye as if to ask “how are you doing today?” and checking that Patty is in good spirits.

Sophie is also a food connoisseur. She will turn her head to the side and not eat something if it does not appeal to her. She is very smart and has refined taste buds. She can even tell the difference between butter and margarine! Sophie loves foods, such as cinnamon toast on pumpernickel bread, cooked carrots, yogurt, and coconut.

December Dog of the Month 

Patty first heard about DGP when it was recommended by a veterinarian in the Whole Dog Journal years ago. She has given it to all three dogs she has owned over the past decade.

We are glad to see DGP is keeping this furry friend stylish, happy, and healthy.

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