April 2020 Dog of the Month: Peace

Peace, our April 2020 Dog of the Month, was born on August 22nd,…
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The Importance of Dental Care for Dogs

Dogs become more than just a pet – they’re another member…
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How to Care for Your Horse’s Hooves in Winter

Winter will be coming soon, and I enjoy snow sparkles during…

Top Five Reasons to Give Turmeric to Dogs

So many people know about the benefits of turmeric and use it…
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How CBD Can Help You and Your Pets

CBD and various products that use it have taken the wellness…

September 2019 Dog of the Month: Nimbus

Nimbus is a one-year old German shepherd who has found his forever…
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4 Ways to Reduce Pet Hair Everywhere in the Home

If you're a pet owner, you know that pet hair is one of the…
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7 Ways You Can Save and Plan a Stress-Free Vacation with Your Dog

Dogs have become more like family than companion animals for…
atlas july 2019 dog of the month

July 2019 Dog of the Month – Atlas

Atlas is our adoptable July 2019 Dog of the Month! This male…
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How to Stop Dog to Dog Aggression

It is common for dogs to be aggressive towards other dogs in particular…
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Age Is More Than a Number When It Comes to Dog Health

They say age is nothing but a number, and while that may be…

An Elderly Dog’s Guide to Aging

Getting old is a delicate process. That’s true for both humans…

A Pet’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

Nothing says “I love you” quite like fur and a tail. While…
terms and conditions

How to Memorialize Your Senior Pet

The time comes in every pet parent’s life where we have to…

Pet Safety: Staying Warm in Winter Edition

As the winter months continue, it is important to remember that…
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Pet Safety: Senior Cat Edition

There is no love as special as that of a senior cat. They have…

Fritz: DGP’s January Dog of the Month

Meet Histyles’ On the Fritz, aka Fritz, DGP’s January Dog…

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Dog (and You)

As we are head into the new year, now is the perfect time to…
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How Your Dog’s Diet Can Effect Their Behavior

Counter surfing, begging at the table, and destructive behavior…
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Holiday Travel with Your Dog

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! A time to celebrate…

Steel: DGP’s December Dog of the Month

Introducing Steel, our latest DGP Dog of the Month! This 12 year-old…
Frequently Asked Questions

Pet Adoption: First Days with your Senior Dog Edition

You can’t buy love, but you can rescue it! Welcoming a rescued…

Pickles: DGP’s November Cat of the Month

Meet Pickles, DGP’s November Cat of the Month! Pickles, an…

Recipe of the Month:Thanksgiving Edition

Are homemade meals a staple in your dog’s diet? Have you been…

Pet Adoption: Senior Dog Edition

Senior dogs deserve forever homes too! When looking for a new…

McCullough: DGP’s November Dog of the Month

Meet McCullough, DGP’s November Dog of the Month. This lovable…

Caring for Senior Dogs: Greyhound Edition

Many people will be unaware that Greyhounds are a gentle dog…
healthy life

Pet Safety: Pest Control Edition

One important detail that some pet owners overlook is pest control.…

Caring for Senior Dogs: Pug Edition

If asked about their own pup, any devoted pug owner will adamantly…

Dark Throne: DGP’s October Cat of the Month

Meet Dark Throne, DGP’s October Cat of the Month! Dark Throne…