5 Tips for Walking Your Dog

Our canine companions enjoy their time outside, so make sure you’re walking your dog everyday. Like people, dogs need some physical exercise to help keep them healthy. A common form of exercise for our pets is to take them on walks. This is easier said than done, especially when the weather isn’t ideal. We have some tips to make your walk more enjoyable for everyone!


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Set aside time.


Set aside 30 minutes to an hour with your dog. It takes time to prep for a walk, especially in the cold weather when you both need to bundle up. Every dog is different, make sure their needs are met during your outdoor time. Give your dog enough time to smell, roam, and play.


Reward your dog.


Do you have a hard time keeping your dog’s behavior in check when going outside? Try rewarding good behavior during the walk. Give your pet a couple minutes to just enjoy being outside as a reward for good behavior. Once your walk is over and you and your pet are home, reward him again with a meal or special treat. Let your canine companion know good behavior has its benefits!


Be prepared.


Make sure you have everything your dog may need during a walk. Bring water, treats, and bags to use for clean up. Pets like to explore unfamiliar territory, but make sure your pet is hydrated and comfortable on their daily adventure. 


Put a leash on life.


Find a leash that works for you and your pet. There are numerous types of leashes. When choosing a leash, take into consideration where you will be walking your dog. Is it crowded or spacious? Don’t forget the leash has to be comfortable to hold. The most important aspect of a leash is how it feels in your hand and how it feels on your dog!


Stop leash pulling.


Does your pet pull on their leash? Every time your dog does this or any unsavory behavior during the walk, stop walking and wait for your pet to calm down. Eventually he or she will understand that certain behaviors are not tolerated during walks. Be patient and consistent with your furry friend!


Try these tips next time you’re going out for a walk.


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