Why Adopt a Senior Dog

Senior dogs need love too! They might not be as small as puppies, but they can be just as cute. Senior dogs deserve to be given homes just as much as puppies. Animal shelters everywhere have an abundance of senior dogs and have to watch as they are sadly passed over for a younger model. Dogs will love you unconditionally, at any age. They deserve the same consideration.

November is Senior Dog Month, so in recognition, here are some reasons why you should consider adopting an older dog. There’s less training required, the dog’s personality is already fully formed, and they are usually less rambunctious.

Cathie Garnier, Executive Director of Elder Paws Senior Dog Rescue, sheds some light on the benefits of adopting a senior dog:

“Senior dogs ask nothing more than to be loved and valued. They are past the chewing, digging, destructive stage of their life and are typically relaxed and calm, low maintenance, and wonderful snuggle partners. They have many, many years of experience as best friends and companions and do not require the amount of exercise and training time and effort of their younger counterparts. Most have lived inside and have good house manners and are potty trained already, and they are very easy to please in general. Senior dogs really are the ultimate companion for those who are not looking to take on the time and work of raising a puppy. Senior rescue dogs know when you have saved their life and they are willing to pay you back in years of love and puppy kisses. You will not find a more grateful friend and companion than a senior rescue dog!”

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DGP has a list of reasons to think about when you are looking to adopt a senior dog.


Senior Dogs are experienced.

They are already trained. Senior dogs may not know everything, but more likely than not, they have been trained and know a few basic rules. Major plus if they are already housebroken! 


Be a life-saver.

Sadly, often times senior dogs do not last long in shelters. Adopting older dogs may save their lives and give you wonderful companionship. 


Dogs of circumstance.

Senior dogs find themselves in shelters because of situations their previous owners were in, not because they did something wrong. These dogs just need a loving home where they can be supported by their pet parents.


DGP helps senior dogs support a more active lifestyle. Maria Dales, Director of German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County, sheds some light on the benefits of adopting a senior dog and her experience with senior dogs and DGP:


“We were introduced to the DGP product through the DGP Cares program and began to supplement the senior dogs in our kennel with it. After approximately 30 days, we began to notice improved mobility among dogs that had previously been stiff and reluctant to take longer walks. As animal advocates, we are interested in anything that makes our dogs more comfortable and less sedentary while they are awaiting adoption, so it was a welcomed relief to see these results. We have made DGP a standard part of the care for all of our older dogs, and we look forward to watching as they continue to improve. DGP has brought more energy and brighter outlooks to many of our dogs, which in turn, improves their opportunities for adoption and helps them find loving homes faster.”

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