DGP’s January Dog of the Month: Lizzie

Introducing Lizzie, our January Dog of the Month. Lizzie is a 13 year old Belgian Malinois. She has been part of her family since she was adopted as a puppy. Lizzie has always been taken care of extremely well by her pet parents who couldn’t love her more. Lizzie enjoys going on adventurous walks and she has become so much a part of her family that she even receives overly stuffed Christmas stockings with all her favorite treats and goodies for the holidays.


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Lizzie and her siblings were found in a dumpster 13 years ago. Luckily, Petco rescued the litter and they were put up for adoption. Lizzie was very fortunate to find such an amazing family to love. Her family has watched her grow into a sweet and gentle dog ever since. Lizzie won her owners over from day one, even when she was chewing on their furniture on a daily basis (don’t worry she outgrew that phase). They just couldn’t be mad at that adorable face. Lizzie’s family has seen her through so many moments, such as breaking puppy habits, playing with friends, and supporting her as she ages.


A few years ago, Lizzie tore her ACL and needed surgery to repair it. After her surgery, she was so strong that she took off every cone that was put on her. She preferred to heal naturally without the cone or the medication provided to her for pain. Being the smart dog she is, Lizzie knew better than to pick at her stitches while she recovered without a cone. Since surgery, Lizzie has made a full recovery.


However, Lizzie is not as young as she used to be. She sometimes feels stiff and has a hard time supporting herself when she walks on tile floors. DGP can help Lizzie stay young at heart and enjoy her time with family and best doggy friend, Loca.

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