A Pet’s Guide to Holiday Gift Giving

Gift giving is on everyone’s mind. Why not give a cuddly pet a home for the holidays? Find yourself in a gift giving slump this holiday season? Want to impress your family with the ultimate gift? Are you thinking that a pet could be the solution to your holiday worries? Before you commit, think through your options and what it means to be a pet parent.

DGP has some tips for future pet owners and gift givers to keep in mind when looking for the perfect pet for that special someone.


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A match made in doggie heaven.

Before you go out and purchase a new pet, do your research. Look into different dog breeds and personalities. Sometimes it’s not the best idea to simply choose the cutest puppy in the window. Learn the different personalities of different breeds to ensure your new fur baby will fit in with the rest of the family, your living space, and your lifestyle. Consider if you are a calm or active lifestyle and what size dog is best for your home. Remember, puppies won’t stay puppies forever and they do grow up. Make sure you can accommodate a dog in your living space, whether it be a large or small dog.


The gift that keeps on giving.

Pets are forever friends. Once the decision has been made and the pet has been brought home, he or she will become part of your family. Ensure that all members of the family are invested in owning a dog, especially children. Animals are fun additions to the household, but they are a large responsibility. Before getting a holiday pup, be sure that all members are ready for the commitment.


Make a plan.

While it may seem fun to surprise a special someone with a small puppy this holiday season, you need to think ahead. If you are unsure if the recipient is invested in owning a pet, talk about it before the purchase has been made. Want to keep the element of surprise? Gift a stuffed animal in place of a real dog and explain that together you can go and choose a pet after the holidays.


Avoid the holiday stress.

It may seem like the perfect plan to introduce your new pet on the day of holiday celebrations, but it can also stress your new furry friend out. Being in a new environment is a large adjustment for animals without the holiday excitement and additional people in their new home. Bring your canine companion home before the holidays begin or after the season has passed to ensure your pet can get acclimated to their new environment appropriately.


Pets are a large responsibility and this should be remembered when thinking of gifting them to friends or family this holiday season. If you are unsure that a puppy is a good fit for your family’s lifestyle, consider adopting an older dog that will not require as much time from you. Older dogs are just as wonderful presents!

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