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DGP’s March Dog of the Month: Rosie

Say hi to Rosie, our March Dog of the Month. Rosie is a 12 year old collie adopted from the Collie Rescue League of New England by her owner Patricia Raymond in 2010. She is Patricia’s second collie adopted from this awesome rescue. Rosie loves all kinds of attention and will keep coming back for more once you start petting her. Patricia admires her dog’s friendliness and beauty.

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Rosie loves playing with her stuffed animal friends and will scatter them all over the house. Since collies are naturally herding dogs, she will herd all her stuffed animals and even cry if one member of her “herd” gets lost from the group. Once when Patricia took Rosie to a yard sale, she turned her head for a second and next thing she knew Rosie had a blanket filled with stuffed animals in her mouth! Of course Patricia couldn’t help but buy them for Roise to add to her collection. Rosie loves them so much that she simply can’t get enough and wants to keep adding to her “herding” circle of friends.

Sadly, two years ago Rosie began to develop a limp. She was taking another medicine, but it was not working well for her. Patricia found out about DGP from a magazine and decided to give it a try. Within 2 weeks, she noticed the limp fade away and Rosie’s energy level increase.

Patricia is thankful that she tried DGP. She can now take Rosie on long walks every day where she struts around the neighborhood like a show dog. Patricia says that now after taking DGP to help her limp, Rosie is her show dog again!

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