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7 Ways You Can Save and Plan a Stress-Free Vacation with Your Dog

Dogs have become more like family than companion animals for most of us. So, it only makes sense that we find ways to bring them along on our travels and enjoy their company while on vacation. However, traveling with a dog can be a bit tricky in terms of logistics and costs. That’s why we’ve put together some of the top dog-friendly travel tips to help you save yourself some money, stress, and time planning your vacation.

Get the Travel Gear You Need Without the High Prices You Don’t

Stocking up on travel supplies for yourself can be expensive enough. When you’re also traveling with a dog, those costs can quickly add up. But they don’t have to when you look for online discounts for your favorite pet supply stores and retailers. For instance, you can use Kohl’s in-store coupons to get the best deal on collapsible bowls, folding crates, and anything else you may need to make travel with your pup less complicated. You may even be able to earn some cash back, which can come in handy when you’re checking your own travel essentials off your list, like a reusable water bottle (grab an extra one for your dog) or travel chargers for your electronics.

Prevent Accidents and Injuries by Using a Budget-Friendly Restraint

Trying to drive with a bouncy dog roaming around your car is a stressful situation you want to avoid. All that bouncing can also be extremely dangerous, since you are more likely to become distracted and end up in an accident. To save yourself the headache, and the potential costs of an accident or injury, you should invest in a car restraint that will help keep your canine travel companion secure and safe. You can choose from safety harnesses or car seats, but make sure you pick the right size for your pet. Most options are very affordable as well, especially when you look for ways to use the promo codes mentioned above.

Ease Your Dog’s vacation Anxiety Without Exceeding Your Budget

Some dogs get stressed out by traveling and that can cause you stress as well. Whining and barking can be just as distracting as moving about, so look for anxiety-relieving tools that won’t cost you a fortune. A good option here for you and your pet is to use essential oils to help ease tension (hint: those scents can be helpful for covering dog odor too). Lavender and chamomile are always great choices for anxiety and stress relief, and you can find ready-made products that should do the trick. You can also pick up inexpensive essential oils to create your own and use inexpensive bottles for custom sprays and rollers to calm you and your pet.

Book Dog-Friendly Accommodations That Are Friendly to Your Wallet

Getting to your destination with your dog safely should be your top travel concern. Once you get to where you’re going, however, you will need a comfy place to rest your head. You will also need a place that will easily accommodate your dog without any problems. Luckily, you don’t need to spend a small fortune to find a dog-friendly room when you book with budget hotel chains, like La Quinta or Motel 6. These chains have locations across the country too, which can be good for those overnight stops along the way. Be sure to check with each individual hotel before booking so you are completely aware of individual pet policies at specific locations.

Complete a Pre-Trip Pet Check-Up Without Racking Up Extra Costs

Depending on the duration and destination of your trip, you may need to check in with your vet before you depart. If you plan on being on the road for a while, this will give you a chance to stock up on any preventative medications or prescriptions needed to keep your dog healthy while on vacation. You should also double-check to see whether your dog’s vaccines are current. Ask your vet about any specific vaccinations needed for your travel stops, since some locations can be more prone to dangerous canine diseases—like dog flu—than others. You don’t want to pay for vaccines your dog doesn’t really need, but if you plan on traveling to an area with a recent canine influenza outbreak, that extra expense could save your best friend’s life.

Stock Up on Food and Treats That Are Healthy for Your Dog and Budget

Part of the fun of a road trip is stopping for your favorite snacks and food along the way. Unfortunately, there aren’t many options to fill your dog’s tummy when you are traveling together, other than bringing plenty of healthy food and treats with you. The upside is that you can cut down on your travel costs by portioning out a budget-friendly dog food into small bags to last until the end of your trip. You can even find many of these brands at major retailers, which are more likely to offer additional discounts and coupons on your purchase. Then, you won’t have to worry about carrying a heavy bag into your hotel room each night or taking up excess space in your car when you go on vacation.

Plan for Pet-Friendly Activities Without Pushing Your Spending Limits

The final tip for traveling stress-free with your pet is actually the first thing you should take care of: picking a destination and activities that will allow your dog to tag along with no worries. Stopping or staying in a dog-friendly location, whether it’s the lush, green meadows of Winter Park, Colorado, or the relaxing shores of Huntington Beach, California, will make planning for some pup-friendly adventures and fun easy. Most of these destinations pride themselves on being dog-friendly, which means you’re more likely to enjoy a meal or a beer with your dog, all without any extra expenses. If you want some dog activities that are completely free, you can always look online for dog-friendly hikes or parks. Both options will let your dog burn off extra energy without burning through any extra cash.

Having an extra set of paws around can make traveling and your vacation more fun. Having the budget-friendly tips above on hand can make traveling less expensive and stressful as well. Before you know it, you will have conquered your first trip with your pup and can start planning more exciting adventures together for the future.

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