McCullough: DGP’s November Dog of the Month

Meet McCullough, DGP’s November Dog of the Month. This lovable canine is a five-year-old Belgian Tervuren speed racer! She is loved by her pet family and enjoys spending time with them.

She loves to play “psycho dog” with her pet parents, which involves the use of her favorite prop, an over-sized leather “rag.” In addition to playing, you may often find this active pup chasing squirrels or cuddling with her pet family.

McCullough also enjoys spending time outside and appreciating nature! She often accompanies her pet parents on mountain hiking trips and loves every minute of it, as long as she isn’t getting wet in the creeks.

A couple of months ago, McCullough’s loving family realized that her behavior was changing. After a trip to the vet, it was confirmed that McCullough had arthritis in her shoulder. Her pet family quickly searched for a remedy to help  McCullough’s shoulder discomfort and found DGP! McCullough has begun to implement DGP supplements into her daily routine and is back to hiking and loving nature with her pet family!

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