dog to dog aggression

How to Stop Dog to Dog Aggression

It is common for dogs to be aggressive towards other dogs in particular situations. This happens especially when the dogs are on a leash or behind a fence, as they can feel trapped or threatened.

When dogs are in this situation, many of them will react by showing hostility towards another dog they see or come in contact with. They are simply protecting their territory, you, and themselves.

When you think about this, this all makes perfect sense; however, it does not mean that the dog to dog aggression is something that you need to live with. You can, and should, do something to rectify the problem.

A Different Point of View

In order to deal with aggressive dog behavior, it is essential to view it in the same way as you would any other bad behavior.

Learning how to stop dog aggression can be addressed by undertaking the correct training procedures, just as you can with any other bad behavior that is shown by your canine friend.

You may feel as though you can cope with your dog when they are showing dog to dog aggression; however, addressing the problem will benefit both you and your dog in several ways.

Your Relationship

A great strain can be placed on you and your dog when they engages in an aggressive situation. This can make walking your dog a frustrating and unpleasant experience. The likelihood is that you will be unhappy with your dog and they will not know why.

Your dog will presume that they are merely protecting you and that it is not a problem. When you do not rectify the matter, your pooch will not understand why you do not approve of this type of behavior.


It is also better for the protection of both you and your dog if the dog to dog aggression can be eliminated. There are many unpleasant scenarios that should be contemplated.

When your dog is trying to get to another canine, they may pull you down, or even break free from your grasp. These are not the right situations to be in. However, the likelihood is that if you have an aggressive dog, you have already considered these factors.

Take Charge

Aggressive behavior needs to be rectified. However, you must take charge of your relationship with your dog in order to do this. You must take control of the situation. Your dog will respond to the commands that you administer.

It is imperative that you remain calm and patient throughout the entire training process. Even though it can take some time and effort for both yourself and your dog, the problem can be rectified.

Just as with any training program, you must take the role of the alpha. There must be no uncertainty in your dog’s mind as to who is in charge. Once this has been accomplished, you are halfway there. It is essential that you maintain your consistency during each training session to succeed.

Time for a Change

There is no use in sitting back and hoping that this will go away. It is common for aggressive behavior to become worse if it is not dealt with and nipped in the bud.

It is essential to approach the situation in the right way, but it does need to be dealt with, and without hesitation.

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