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How to Memorialize Your Senior Pet

The time comes in every pet parent’s life where we have to say goodbye to our beloved furry friends. Dreaded by all, but inevitable, there are steps to take that may make the grieving process easier. While there is nothing that can replace your four-legged friend, there are many different ways to memorialize them. The following suggestions will help you keep your animal companions in your hearts even after they’ve made their way across the Rainbow Bridge.

Host a Memorial Service

A memorial service for your pet doesn’t need to be large. It can be an intimate gathering with immediate family. Host it in your pet’s favorite park or spot in the yard and allow yourself and others to relive the happy moments you’ve shared.

Create a Special Resting Place

Nothing can memorialize your pet quite like a garden. Not only will the new project help occupy your time, but you can also put your grief to work and create a beautiful space to honor your furry friend. Personalize the space with an engraved headstone or pet memorial stones to keep their memory alive. Pet memorial stones can even include their paw prints.

Make a Photo Collage

We all enjoy documenting the moments in our pet’s lives. It may become more important to you after they pass on. A cathartic photo collage may be just what you need to come to terms with the loss of your pet, while also recalling past memories you shared together.

Light a Candle for Your Pet

Missing your pet and not sure what to do with their collar? Place their collar around a candle. You can light the candle whenever you are in need of some comfort and remember the times you spent together. You can even substitute a traditional candle with a flameless one to avoid causing damage to the collar.

Keep Their Collar on You

Keep your pet with you on a daily basis by incorporating their collar and tags into your wardrobe. Turn their tags into a charm for a new bracelet or necklace. You may also think about finding a new bracelet or necklace with a charm that represents the bond you and your pet shared in place of their collar. Place your dogs initials on the charm and you’ll never be without your companion.

Saying goodbye to a pet isn’t easy, but with these suggestions you will always have a piece of them to hold onto, and to help remember them by.

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  1. Vernona Smith says:

    4 1/2 months my beloved Brandy transitioned & it still hurts. Though my health declined during her sickness & passing- I’m at peace knowing she’s no longer suffering; I pray she’s happy w/ her Big Brothers Brutus & Max in the Great Kennel in the sky!!! Thanx 4 the memories…each of your paw prints are on my heart!!!


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