April 2020 Dog of the Month: Peace

Peace, our April 2020 Dog of the Month, was born on August 22nd, 2013. She loves her premium dog food, Canidae, and her favorite treats are True Chews and Nudges. Her mom rescued her when she was 13 weeks old, and she had six siblings in her litter. She wasn’t doing very well when she was first adopted, but after working with veterinarian Dr. Gay Naiditch with High Desert Animal Care Hospital, Peace got through her rough start. She was suffering from malnutrition and eye issues, along with not eating. Her mom syringe fed her and hydrated her. Peace’s mom said that Peace is the most amazing dog she’s ever owned!

This standard poodle loves doing tricks and giving hugs. She absolutely loves going on adventures to the beach, mountains, and pet store. She loves dogs, cats, birds, and other small animals. Her favorite thing to do is spend time with her mom’s grandkids–she absolutely adores them. Her full name is Lady Jamisa’s Peaceful Desert Charm aka Peace.  Peace loves watching the Bravo housewives shows and Christmas movies.

Peace’s mom has been with volunteer rescues for non-profit for 35 years and has volunteered her time for many animals. Halfway to Home is a rescue near her that she has been a part of for 12 years. Peace’s mom loves rescue dogs, and so do we! 

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