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Holiday Travel with Your Dog

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! A time to celebrate the holidays, bond with family, and travel. As family togetherness is the theme of almost all holiday festivities, no function would be complete without the addition of your furry friends. Dogs are known to bring light and joy into every room and for that reason we love to take them everywhere, including holiday trips! Take essential precautions for successful holiday travel with your dog this season.

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Vet Approvals

Make sure to set up an appointment with your pet’s veterinarian before any traveling takes place. This is especially necessary if it’s their first time traveling or going on a long road trip. If you are unsure if you dog will get car sick, go on a short road trip to see what the results are.


A Place To Stay

Whether you are planning on staying with your family or booking a hotel, make sure it’s pet-friendly. Not only should the place be pet-friendly, but it should have enough space to ensure the comfortability of your canine companion.


Updated ID

If you are planning on traveling to an unfamiliar place, update your pet’s identification with the proper phone number to reach the appropriate owner. A dog tag should include your pet’s name, phone number, and the name of the city where they reside.


Safe Travel

To ensure safe holiday travel, give your barking buddy a safe and comfortable place in the car using a carrier, crate, or seatbelt harness. Dogs tend to get a little antsy when they are in the car for too long and may distract the driver. Putting your dog in a safe place during a road trip will help guarantee a safe trip for everyone.



Keep your pup entertained and amused during travel time with their favorite toy! Keeping their favorite toy on hand is ideal when they need something to focus on and release their energy.

Your four-legged friends love being included in the festivities! Keep these tips in mind as you prepare for the holiday season.

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