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Pet Safety: Senior Cat Edition

There is no love as special as that of a senior cat. They have already grown out of that pesky adolescent stage and are wise beyond their nine lives. Many pet rescue organizations have realized this and have even begun to encourage senior pet adoption. If you happen to be one of the many great owners that recently adopted a senior cat, then consider the following tips to make your home a comfortable haven for your feline pal.

1. Provide Easy Access

Like us, cats start to experience changes in their body as they get older. Senior cats may not be as strong and agile as kittens, but most will continue to find ways to get to their favorite high places. Cats, by instinct, like to be in higher places so they can keep a good eye on their territory.

By now, you may have noticed a number of elevated points where your cat spends the majority of their time. It might be on top of a cat tree, a high shelf, or the top of a refrigerator. To help your senior cat get to those sacred places more easily, consider adding things like ramps or small steps so there is less of a need for your cat to jump and put unnecessary pressure on their joints. This tip also applies to owners with senior dogs. You may want to also place ramps alongside areas like stairs and patios.

2. Place to Snooze

Older cats spend more time napping, especially during the day. The reason for this is due to cats being crepuscular animals, which means they are most active during the twilight hours. You can aid in your cat’s napping activities by placing bed accessories near their favorite napping spot.

For example, orthopedic pet beds are considered a useful addition for senior cats. These beds provide a great deal of comfort by cushioning the cat’s muscles and joints. Senior cats are also less tolerant of the cold, especially due to hair loss, so your cat may appreciate having a bed with heating properties during the winter months.

Don’t automatically assume the cat will use such beds though. For some senior cats, a simple box and a blanket may be something they appreciate a lot more than an expensive pet bed.

3. Remove Household Hazards

Your cat may start to have hearing and vision loss as he or she gets older. To prevent injuries, you may want to take a close look at your cat’s space and remove any clutter that the cat may bump into.

In addition to storing away household clutter, try and keep the furniture in the same location. Doing so will allow your senior cat to find its way around based on memory.

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