Pickles: DGP’s November Cat of the Month

Meet Pickles, DGP’s November Cat of the Month! Pickles, an 11-year-old feline, enjoys the simple things in life, like being adored by his pet family.

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True to his name, Pickles loves food and spends most of his time in the kitchen searching for nibbles and extra treats. This attention-loving cat tends to climb on top of the fridge to give his “audience” the opportunity to view his beauty from all angles. He also prefers to watch his family from above.

His pet parent became worried when his once cuddly cat began acting standoffish and avoiding his favorite spot, the top of the fridge. Looking for answers to bring his four-legged friend back to his former self, relief finally came in the form of DGP.

Since incorporating DGP into his diet, Pickles has returned to his flashy feline ways, including climbing on the fridge. DGP has given this attention seeking cat another chance to love himself and his pet family, and they couldn’t be happier.

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