A Pet’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

Nothing says “I love you” quite like fur and a tail. While you and your furry friend may have agreed to forgo the traditional Valentine’s Day gift exchange, the same cannot be said for the special humans in your life. What might be sweet for your human mate might not be safe for your furry mates; as certain gifts and treats might bring harm to your home when your four-legged companions are involved. Keep your pets safe with these tips.

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  1. Check those floral arrangements. Flowers are a staple in almost every Valentine’s Day celebration. The smell and aesthetic they add to an environment is worth it. However, be aware of the flowers you bring home, as lilies are extremely poisonous to your purring pals. It’s not all about the lilies though; roses also pose a threat to furry companions. Make sure to trim those thorns out of paws reach. Keep these flowers and others away from pets to avoid a trip to your veterinarian.    
  2. The sweets are for you, not them. Chocolate, aka pet poison, should not be shared with your pets. If your barking buddy or feisty feline ingests chocolate, the end result could be heartbreaking with a number of potential health problems from vomiting, neurological deficits, or even death in extreme cases. Chocolate isn’t the only sweet to look out for, other treats sweetened with xylitol may cause hypoglycemia or seizures in pets. It is best to keep your Valentine’s Day sweets to yourself.
  3. Don’t cry over a spilled cocktail. A glass of wine, champagne, or red cocktail may seem innocent until lapped up by a curious canine or pawing kitten. A little bit of alcohol goes a long way with your small pets. They may face negative side effects from too much alcohol including vomiting and difficulty breathing. Save the wine for yourself and give only water to your thirsty pet.
  4. Don’t play with fire. A romantic night might start with candles, but shouldn’t end with them. If you light candles to create a special ambience for you and your sweetie, be sure the candles are out of reach of your pets. While a slow-burning candle may seem fine when left unattended, a pet encounter can turn a romantic evening into a fiery night (not the good kind). Be sure to extinguish candles when leaving the room. Your home and pets will thank you for it.

Keep love in the air with these tips on Valentine’s Day this year.

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