Steel: DGP’s December Dog of the Month

Introducing Steel, our latest DGP Dog of the Month! This 12 year-old canine loves to make those around her very happy, especially her pet parents!

Steel enjoys spending her time hunting, fishing, and helping out her loved ones. You may even find her completing chores around the house! Steel enjoys carrying anything she can: from keys and zucchini to five gallon buckets and full-sized shovels.

This lovable dog always looks for new ways to show affection to those around her. One of her favorite tricks is poking her pet parent with her nose to show them that she loves them. She also seeks affection by bringing her treats to her pet parents to allow them to show their love for her too.

Life hasn’t always been easy for Steel. When she was just a pup she fractured her rear leg and now she suffers from arthritis in that same leg. Her pet family began searching for a solution to put a pep back in Steel’s step. Relief came in the form of DGP. You may see Steel enjoying her daily dose of DGP as she continues to do all her favorite chores around the house.  

We are happy to see DGP bring loving families closer together!

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