November 2018 Dog of the Month: Sprocket the American Bully

Introducting our November 2018 Dog of the Month!


Sprocket is a two year old American bulldog who loves to play! He loves balls, sticks, and squeaky toys. He also indugles in running, chasing, and doing the “pibble wiggle.” He loves his humans so very much–his human brother T.J., his momma, and his dad.

Sprocket November 2018 dog of the month

Not only does Sprocket love his human family, but also loves people in general–he has a way of making people smile. He loves to go in the car, especially to school to see all the kids. His favorite place to sleep is in bed with momma. He is a very special part of the family and they are so glad to have him.

sprocket american bulldog

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