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Caring for Pets with Diabetes

Like human diabetes, cases of pet diabetes are on the rise. This unfortunate statistic means more and more pet owners are caring for pets with diabetes. Like humans, diabetic pets need to follow a strict diet regimen, exercise, and even insulin shots. In addition to the care of a licensed veterinary professional, there are some simple things you can do to ensure you diabetic pet’s quality of life.


If you’re concerned that your pet may have diabetes, there are a few key symptoms to look out for. Of course, if you suspect that anything is wrong or off about your pet’s behavior, please consult a veterinarian immediately.

  • Your pet is thirstier than usual (drinking more water)
  • Your pet is urinating either more frequently, a higher volume, or both
  • Your pet is hungrier than usual


If you must give your pet insulin injections, make sure to encourage positive behavior by giving your pet a treat immediately after a successful injection. This will allow them to associate the shots as something positive and not something to be feared. It might take a while for your pet to get used to the shots, but positive reinforcement with food, praise, or even playtime will help you both in the long run. Avoid talking angrily to your pet when administering the short—approach them calmly and lovingly. Note that other than shot time, you should avoid giving your pets excessive treats—this can disrupt their dietary needs, which are far stricter than the average pet without diabetes.


Most pets thrive on consistency, especially dogs. Diabetic pets require even stricter consistency in regards to their feeding times, exercise, and daily routine as it has a direct impact on their health. Pick a manageable feeding and exercise routine that you can stick to day in and day out with your diabetic pet so that they do not have any sudden shocks. This will also help keep their health in line and your own sanity in check as you learn how to deal with your pet’s chronic illness.

Holistic Medicine

While holistic medicine won’t eliminate the need for insulin if your pet needs shots, it can help your pet feel more comfortable. Holistic treatments are often reasonably priced and you can administer yourself at home to save costs. Before giving your pet anything, please consult a vet with a holistic background. Holistic vets are becoming more commonplace and you can use the internet to research vets in your area who specialize in holistic medicine and/or diabetes.

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