DGP’s October Dog of the Month: Jackson Brown

Meet Jackson Brown, our October Dog of the Month. His pet parent, Lance, has a love for music and had to share it with his canine companion. Jackson was named for his pet dad’s love of music and his comfortingly brown coat of fur. This lovable 10 year old canine will be 11 on November 3rd.

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Jackson enjoys going for daily walks with his pet parent and grandparent. He averages between 4 and 8 miles every day! Not only does Jackson Brown enjoy daily walks, he likes to stay active by chasing tennis balls and sticks. The larger the stick, the more fun he will have.  Jackson even enjoys chasing sticks and tennis balls in water to add to his enjoyment.


Jackson isn’t only known for his love of chasing tennis balls and sticks, he is also a playful and loving dog. He has even conquered the love of the delivery men who frequently drop off packages at his house. They even bring him treats from time to time. Now that’s love! This adorable pup also enjoys swimming, but hates to hear the dreaded b-word (bath). He will hide from anyone who says it.

However, as an aging dog, Jackson began to experience some discomfort when hiding from baths or chasing his beloved sticks and tennis balls. After Lance, Jackson’s pet parent, used DGP for another dog, he was more than prepared to use it again when the signs presented themselves in Jackson. For about a year now this furry friend has been taking DGP and there have not been any new signs of pain or discomfort. In fact, Jackson can tire out his pet parent when they play tug of war together!


We are happy to see DGP bring joy to Jackson and Lance’s lives once again.

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  1. Debbi says:

    How do I nominate our rescue Berner for consideration for DGP dog of the month? At the age of 14 weeks he had a complete shattered # of his femur. After surgery that left his leg deformed I put him on DGP. Today at the age of 2 1/2 yrs he “runs like the wind” and plays without pain. Nothing stops him now. If he overdoes it we double up on DGP for a day or two and he is back to enjoying all things in life again.


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