DGP’s June Dog of the Month – Britney

Happy birthday to DGP’s June Dog of the Month, Britney, who just celebrated her 16th birthday in May! She is lucky that her owner, Micki Travers, takes such good care of her and keeps her going strong so she can play outside, even in all types of weather.

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Britney is a pit-bull lab mix and was adopted from an animal shelter when she was 16 months old. She is still an active dog, has a fun-loving spirit, and adores being outdoors whether it’s hot or cold.

In the summer, one of Britney’s favorite activities is lounging in her pool on a hot day. Relaxing in the pool really gets her happy tail wagging! Who wouldn’t love relaxing in the pool to cool off?

In the winter, you can find Britney outside frolicking in the snow. She won’t let the cold stunt her curiosity for exploring the white mounds on the ground.


As Britney got older, she began having issues with her legs. Simple activities like going on walks became a strain. Micki heard about DGP and gave it to Britney. Micki says, “These pills are a miracle. I thought she was going to have to be put down prior to their use, because her legs were so bad. Now she’s hopping and running around and you can see her whole demeanor has changed. She just feels so much better.”

We are so glad Britney is healthy and able to enjoy all her fun outdoor activities!

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