Daisy: DGP’s February Dog of the Month

Meet Daisy our DGP February Dog of the Month. She is a fun-loving 13 year old sheltie golden retriever mix. As the matriarch of her pet-family, she enjoys spending time with her younger pet siblings. Being around younger dogs requires this lovable pup to be active all day long.

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As she has gotten older, Daisy has begun to suffer from arthritis in her back legs. Her pet-parents had tried numerous joint supplements, but never say any improvement. That all changed six months ago when Daisy began to use DGP. Her pet-parents noticed an improvement in her mobility within a week! They were so excited to see their beloved canine back to her old self.

This lovable pup is now up and moving around with her pet-siblings again. While you may find her resting more than her younger siblings, she’s been much more active since she began using DGP. We at DGP are happy to see Daisy enjoying her time with her pet-family once again!

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