canine massage therapy

Canine Massage Therapy

If you are a pet owner, then you might have heard of canine massage. Canine massage has existed for centuries, but sadly not everyone knows about it, or practices it. If you read history books, you will see how important a role have animals (mainly cats and dogs) been playing in the life of humanity. We started taming these creatures long ago and have been taking care of them because of their natural traits of being friendly and loyal. But where did massages come from?

Massage therapy was thousands of years old when we humans finally learned more about its medical benefits. The purpose is to provide comfort, relieve pain, and keep the recipient both physically and mentally healthy. That’s why we decided to practice it on our pets too in order to keep them healthy and provide them relief from pain that they suffer from old age or injury. We started massaging our pets almost as soon as we started massaging ourselves.

After considering the benefits massages have on us humans, we started promoting pet massages. This pet massage thing really got support from a lot of owners who found their pet in better condition after just one therapy session. No matter how anxious or scared a dog might be, massage therapy can bring a lot of positive change.

What is Canine Massage Therapy?

Just like a regular human massage can help in the reduction of stress from the body, canine massage therapy is also a way of following certain steps and practicing the right moves in order to give your pet an anxiety-free experience. A stressed dog is a sick dog that can be treated with a perfect canine massage therapy. In order to provide that, you can talk to a canine massage therapist who can help your dog. If you are uncertain, then you can consult your veterinarian. A vet can direct you to a qualified individual who can give your pet a relaxing massage and also teach you a few tricks to help with your pet’s anxieties.

Why Canine Massage Therapy?

A lot of people ask this question without knowing the fact that your pet doesn’t need to be sick with a specific disease in order to provide them with a massage therapy. Massage helps a lot if your pet has muscles, joint pain, anxiety, or stress. Also, if your pet doesn’t move a lot or finds reasons not to do exercise, then you should try for canine massage therapy.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

There is more than one way in which canine massage therapy can help your pet. When you hear the word massage, the first thing that might come to your mind is healing, and that’s exactly what it does for your pet. It heals your pet. If your pet is always stressed or has gone through surgery, then it can help in removing the stress as well as help in quicker recovery post-surgery. Also, the massage helps in improved circulation, which in turn heals muscle tissue. Massages also improve your dog’s motion. If the dog is in a bad mood, the massage can cheer your dog up. Apart from cheering it up, a massage can make your pet active so that you can play with your pet and take your pet out for a run if your dog has been avoiding it for some time.

It is very easy for a dog to become obese and develop issues. One of the major health issues that follow old age and obesity is arthritis. Arthritis is more common in dogs that are inactive or have a disturbed eating routine. Massage therapy can help that animal in dealing with pain and also deal with the symptoms over a certain period of time. Overall, a massage can bring quality to your pet’s life.

There’s one more thing you should know as an owner. Massage is the key to create a bond with your pet. If you massage your pet at home, then you can certainly improve and build trust with your dog which can help you in getting along. You can do it by practicing the two most popular techniques- stroking and kneading. Doing this periodically can improve your pet’s life.


When it comes to healing your pet, there’s nothing better than providing your pet with canine massage therapy. Massage therapy won’t only help your pet with pain and suffering, but will also help in improving your relationship with your dog. The best part about it is that you can either take your pet to a qualified medical professional or you can do it at home. That’s why you should definitely consider canine massage therapy for your dog.

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