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Turkey Banana Burgers

Turkey Banana Burgers (Makes 4 servings for a 50 pound dog)  My favorite ingredient in this recipe is the mashed bananas, a food my dogs simply love!  Bananas are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.  They help with both constipation and diarrhea, much like pumpkin does.  But unlike canned pumpkin, bananas can be found year […]

What’s in DGP For Pets? Ingredients

Feverfew (6mg): A relative of the common daisy found originally in Europe and spread throughout the world by deliberate planting.  It’s been widely used in herbal medicine since the time of the ancient Greeks. Corydalis Root (25mg): An herb that is cultivated throughout the Pacific Rim. Scientists have isolated a number of active ingredients that show a wide range of actions. […]

Frankie – Our February 2015 Dog of the Month!

Say hello to DGP’s February Dog of the Month, Frankie! Frankie is a 6 year old energetic Jack Russell Terrier. Frankie graduated from the North Shore Animal League in 2009 with a Bachelor’s degree in K-9 studies. He was top of his class, of course! Frankie currently resides in Brooklyn, New York with his loving pet […]

Brutus’ Best Turmeric Meatloaf Recipe

(Makes 4 servings for a 50-pound dog*) This recipe is chock full of vitamin-rich ingredients including the spice turmeric. The spice turmeric contains curcumin which has both anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.  This should be of special interest for those with dogs who have mobility and/or flexibility issues. Turmeric is also one of the ingredients in DGP, an effective natural supplement […]

Winter Safety Tips For Your Pets

Antifreeze, which often collects on driveways and roadways, is highly poisonous. Although it smells and tastes good to your dog, it can be lethal. Consider switching to a Propylene Glycol product. Rock Salt and Ice Melt, used to melt ice on sidewalks, may irritate footpads. Be sure to rinse and dry your dog’s feet after a walk. Dogs with long […]

Red Velvet Holiday Cake

My Red Velvet Holiday Cake is one of my dogs’ favorite treats!  I always encourage dog owners to make their dog’s treats as they can be sure of the ingredients actually being used in the recipe.  Many stores are now selling beets that have already been cooked.  If given the choice, opt for already cooked […]

Happy News to Share from Adopt a Senior Pet Month!

Our friend Vanessa from one of our favorite pet charities: LiveLoveBark Dog Rescue, shared wonderful news about Adopt a Senior Pet Month: November “Adopt a Senior Month” went well. We had 5 senior adoptions, including our older senior, “Bruiser”, a 10-year-old Pit Bull (Here’s a picture of him in his new home. He was sent […]

DGP’s Holiday Gift Guide

Your Dog deserves to be pampered during the holiday season just like we do! That’s why we put together this handy dandy Doggy Holiday Gift Guide! 1. Home cooking for your dog by Christine Filardi –$19.95 75 holistic recipes for a healthier dog. Christine Filardi is a Certified Holistic Chef for animals and the founder of […]

Halloween Costume Contest Photos 2014

DGP’s Halloween Costume Contest Calendar Giveaway Extravaganza! Here are all of the Entries from our Halloween Costume Contest! The winner will be selected by Maggie Marton, author of Oh My Dog Blog. Behold the wonderful glory  of a Halloween Costume Contest… that is exclusive to our four-legged friends! Join the conversation and share your thoughts […]

Halloween Safety Tips

Keeping your Dog Safe during Halloween During Halloween, calls to the vet section of the poison helpline increase by 12%! Help keep your dog safe by keeping weary of the three C’s: CANDY | COSTUMES | CANDLES CANDY: Keep the candy out of his/her mouth! This one is pretty obvious so we’ll get it out of […]

Maggie, Marton And Lucas Try DGP

 Maggie, Marton And Lucas Try DGP Lucas is an eight year old Shepherd, Boxer, St Bernard mix. Maggie rescued him from a shelter in DC. He’d been through so much in his early life. When she picked him up he was skin and bones, had mange, tapeworms, and a limp to boot. Despite all of […]

Testimonial From Sophia And Patricia!

Here is a wonderful Testimonial sent to us from a very satisfied DGP Customer.   “I’m writing to tell you about my Sophia. She is 10 years old and last month she pulled the muscle around her vertebrae. Sophia could not jump up and when she walked up the steps, she cried. Of course, this […]

DGP Cares Charity Contest Winner: VSGSR

Valley of the Sun Giant Schnauzer Rescue began in 2002 with a bunch of devoted dog lovers who connected through the Internet, and with the encouragement of a local Miniature Schnauzer Group. The group eventually expanded as more owners of Giant Schnauzers became involved by donating their time. The goals of the organization are to […]

DGP’s October 2013 Dog of the Month

Our Dog of the Month for October is Robin’s sweet little Sheltie, Junior. “He’s eight years old but still very much a puppy at heart. Seven years ago we met our neighbor who also has a Sheltie, Daisy. They fell in ‘puppy love’ and my son, who was seven at the time performed a ‘doggie marriage.’ […]

DGP: An Inside Look at the Ingredients

DGP: An Inside Look at the Ingredients DGP is a combination of natural compounds that help maintain joint mobility and flexibility. DGP also eases aches and discomfort caused by daily activity, exercise, and training – particularly for older pets. This unique and exacting formula contains European and native Australian herbs and ingredients known to help […]

DGP interview with Lee Harrington

This week, DGP had the pleasure to sit down with acclaimed author Lee Harrington. Harrington released her memoir, Rex and the City, in 2007 and DGP wanted to find out more about her dog, Wallace, and her passion for animal shelters. Harrington feels she was born to become a writer. She has always been “very […]

Dog of the Month: Beanz

Quick Facts: Age: 3 years old Breed: Boston Terrier Home: Westfield, NJ Favorite activity: Chasing squirrels and robins in his backyard Fun Fact: Beanz didn’t know how to bark the first year of his life. Bio: Three-year-old Beanz, the mostly Boston Terrier, had a rough first year and a half of his life. As a […]

Researchers Suggest — Dogs Can Be Trained to Detect Cancer, Low Blood-Sugar Levels and So Much More!

Researchers believe dogs may notice certain scents they associate with a medical condition or subtle behavioral change that may occur right before an attack or seizure and possibly so much more. Dogs REALLY are man’s (woman’s and child’s) best friend. Read more about life saving dogs in the attached article. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702304550004577508860438046728.html?mod=dist_smartbrief Please let us know […]