How to Tell if Your Dog is Slowing Down

When you start to see signs of your fur-baby slowing down, it breaks your heart. They struggle to get up and are not enjoying all  of the  same activities in the way they used to.

Your loyal pet isn’t able to play and take part in family activities the way they used to when they were younger. Dogs suffering from aches and discomfort are often depressed, sullen and on edge.

 Read below the signs of an aching dog and see how you can help:

They seem to lose their happy personality and zest for life.

  • They tend to sleep more, withdraw from the family or even become aggressive.
  • Their hearing is not as sharp
  • Their fur has thinned out
  • They tire more quickly when playing
  • Walk around in circles before lying down

These signs above can let you know if your dog is suffering from aches and discomfort. All-natural DGP has been formulated by scientists to help support a dog’s  mobility and flexibility. DGP helps ease these aches and discomfort caused by your fur-baby’s every day activity.  DGP’s all natural blend of high quality ingredients helps maintain your dog’s mobility as he ages. Let your dog have its day…again! !




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