Tips For Senior Dogs

“Seniorize” the house. Make it easy for your dog to get around. Just as people age, your pet may suffer from stiffness, aches and joint discomfort. Help him out by adding mini ramps and mini stairs to couches and beds. Carpets on slippery surfaces can also help him gain footing.

Choose the right diet. Diets change in pets just like in human beings. Some pets tend to gain weight as they become less mobile, others may need help holding on to the pounds. Every dog is different, so consult your trusted vet for this one.

Watch for changes in behavior. Be on the lookout for dietary habit changes, potty problems, changes in sleep patterns and differences in temperament. These things can all signal health problems.

Watch the way they walk. Your dog might not be able to tell you that something is troubling him, watch for these signs: limping, swelling and stiffness when getting up, circling before sitting, and unwillingness to go for walks or upstairs. An all-natural joint supplement may easily help.

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