DGP’s Holiday Gift Guide

DGP Gift Guide

Your Dog deserves to be pampered during the holiday season just like we do! That’s why we put together this handy dandy

Doggy Holiday Gift Guide!

1. Home cooking for your dog by Christine Filardi$19.95

75 holistic recipes for a healthier dog. Christine Filardi is a Certified Holistic Chef for animals and the founder of BowMeowRaw, a company that coaches dog and cat owners on transitioning their pets to a holistic lifestyle. She has been dedicated to improving the health and well-being of animals and pets for more than 10 years through her work with pet owners, veterinarians, rescue organizations, and shelters. Buy It Here

Home cooking for your dog

2. Pet Tunes by Pet Acoustics –$49.95

An awesome product that can be used by dogs and humans alike! Pet Tunes is a pre-loaded Bluetooth mobile speaker with special frequency modulated music clinically tested and proven to reduce stress and calm pet anxiety. The best part is that you can use the Bluetooth speaker for your own music as well! Buy It Here


3.  Dog Rescue Calendar For 2015$20.00

Because everyone needs a nice calendar featuring cute dogs. These also happen to be supporting a great cause. We recommend Valley of The Sun Giant Schnauzer Rescue and National Mill Dog Rescue. All proceeds from the sales of the calendars will go toward the rescue and care of more dogs.  Get The VSGSR Calendar Here. Get The NMDR Calendar Here

mill-dog-rescue-cover-300x231VSGSR Calendar

4. Dog Collar & Leash set by Fab Dog$44.50

Get your dog a nice leash and collar set.  After all, how often do you buy yourself new clothes? Your dog deserves an upgrade every once in a while too…Buy The Set Here

Fab dog leash and collar

5. Lump of Coal Bouncy Ball by Planet Dog$11.95

Has your pooch been naughty? This ball is the perfect gift for the dog who promises to be good next year! Buy It Here

Lump Of Coal

Stay Tuned to our Facebook Page as we will be giving away some of these products soon!

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