Happy News to Share from Adopt a Senior Pet Month!

Our friend Vanessa from one of our favorite pet charities: LiveLoveBark Dog Rescue, shared wonderful news about Adopt a Senior Pet Month:

November “Adopt a Senior Month” went well. We had 5 senior adoptions, including our older senior, “Bruiser”, a 10-year-old Pit Bull (Here’s a picture of him in his new home. He was sent home with a bunch of DGP samples, and his new mom was so happy!) We were all so thrilled for Bruiser! Which leaves us with three young senior (6 years old) dogs and two senior cats left.

Senior adopted dog Bruiser

Bruiser is now very happy in his new forever home!!!


As you may know, our November Dog of the Month, “Ranger” is a young senior. He has been waiting at the Islip Animal Shelter for over a year to find his forever home. He is such a wonderful dog and we are truly hoping he gets his very own Christmas Miracle in the form of an adoption!

You can read more about Ranger here http://www.dgpforpets.com/blog/ranger-dog-of-the-month/   or you can visit his Petfinder page here https://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/27366956/




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