The Positive Effects of Owning a Dog

Any dog owner can tell you the countless positive effects of having their four legged furballs by their side. Besides having an automatic best friend, dogs can provide you with moral support, cure loneliness, and even impact our physical health in a positive way. Below is a list of these benefits:

  • Dogs Can Lower Your Blood Pressure – According to research conducted by the University of Buffalo, in New York, pet ownership can lead to decreased blood pressure in owners. Other studies have shown pet owners have slightly lower cholesterol and are more likely to survive a heart attack.
  • Dogs Can Be Socially Supportive – When you own a dog, taking walks around the neighborhood or visiting your local dog park can make you more active in the community. A lot of the stigma against talking to strangers on the street disappears when you’re walking with your dog.
  • Dogs Can Help You Lose Weight: Caring for a dog is like caring for a child. They need plenty of playtime and physical activity. Those intense games of chase and long walks to the park can be mutually beneficial for both of you!
  • Dogs Can Improve Your Mood and Emotions – Being around dogs often has a calming effect on many people. Their constant positive attitudes and willingness to please are natural mood enhancers. Having a dog has the same emotional benefit as that of a human friendship.
  • Pets can be great for kids: When kids care for a pup, it makes them more responsible, generous, and cooperative. Children who own pets also have higher self esteem and have been proven to suffer less from allergies.
  • Eases Pain –  Pups can be the best medicine  – especially when a person has chronic aches and discomfort, says Dr. Becker. “They reduce anxiety. The less anxiety, the less pain,” he says

If you didn’t already have about a million good reasons to adopt a pet before, hopefully this list will tip the scale! And remember: Always adopt from a certified shelter or go to a licensed breeder. Stay away from Puppy Mills and Pet shops (see our previous blog post about the dangers of Puppy Mills!)

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  1. Luke Smith says:

    I like that you mentioned how pet ownership could result in lowered blood pressure in owners. It seems my wife is quite stressed with her work so I am thinking of giving her a dog as a surprise and stress reliever. I should probably start looking for a Giant Schnauzer puppy breeder, since I think that dog breed looks really good.


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