Maggie, Marton And Lucas Try DGP

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 Maggie, Marton And Lucas Try DGP

Lucas is an eight year old Shepherd, Boxer, St Bernard mix. Maggie rescued him from a shelter in DC. He’d been through so much in his early life. When she picked him up he was skin and bones, had mange, tapeworms, and a limp to boot. Despite all of that, Maggie knew she had to have him. Later Maggie would have him x-rayed and it was discovered he sustained a trauma (most likely hit by a car) when he was much smaller and it was never treated. The fractures resulted in his pelvic bone growing too narrowly to support his big frame.

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His first year at his new home was a bit shaky. He was terrified of things in the outside world like buses, bicycles, strollers, children, strangers and even rustling plastic. Fast forward about seven years and Lucas is a completely different dog. He enjoys the company of his two doggy brothers Cooper and Emmet, and even tolerates the antics of his little kitty sister Newt.

Maggies Family

Lucas has always had joint problems since he was a pup. For many years he was taking one Extra Strength Dasuquin during breakfast with decent results. Every Monday Lucas goes to Doggie Day Care for eight hours of running! Many times after class he would come home with aches and pains and would require a pain pill.

Lucas Goes to a birthday party

Several weeks ago, Maggie and Lucas decided to try DGP instead of Dasuquin. Before making the switch, Maggie spoke with Rick Jahnke, Vice President of American BioSciences, (the manufacturer of DGP) who advised to wean Lucas off of Dasuquin by lowering his dosage and giving a small dosage of DGP at the same time. For the next week she would continue to lower the Dasuquin and raise the dose of DGP until Lucas was gobbling up three DGP pills with breakfast and was completely off Dasuquin. The transition was completely smooth and Maggie was more than happy with her decision to switch. Soon something amazing would happen. Lucas came back from Doggie Day Care and his eight hour running session with no pain! He no longer needed any pain pills after the class! Maggie and Lucas couldn’t be happier with DGP.

MAggies pets

Lucas has certainly come a long way from the skinny, mangy, scared little puppy he was seven years ago.  We are so happy to have heard his and Maggie’s story and we hope the whole family has many wonderful years ahead of them!

Maggie and her dogs

Maggie Marton is an insightful dog blogger and her trio of dogs and their kitty-sister Newt, were featured as our Dogs of the Month for February, 2014. Maggie’s blog is a must read and we highly recommend checking it out!



Maggie’s letter to Lucas:


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