DGP Cares Charity Contest Winner: VSGSR

Valley of the Sun Giant Schnauzer Rescue began in 2002 with a bunch of devoted dog lovers who connected through the Internet, and with the encouragement of a local Miniature Schnauzer Group. The group eventually expanded as more owners of Giant Schnauzers became involved by donating their time. The goals of the organization are to educate people about Giant Schnauzers as well as saving as many Giants as possible. Each dog is vet checked, micro chipped and fostered to discover their habits. They then work tirelessly to find suitable homes that match each individual dog.

Julie Barnhill, President of Valley of the Sun Giant Schnauzer Rescue, with one of her own happy rescues, “Spinner”

Julie’s husband receiving a warm “welcome home” from more rescues

VSGSR’s Mission is to rescue Giant Schnauzers in need, provide medical care when necessary, and find foster care placements where these dogs can begin the process of finding a forever home. The ultimate goal is to find permanent homes that are best suited to each dog where they may live out their lives in a happy, healthy and loving environment. While the focus is on Giants, the organization is also known to help other schnauzers who may be in need.

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VSGSR was incorporated in December 2003 and achieved 501(c)(3) status in April of 2004. Many local rescue groups helped them to achieve this status by lending a hand to get through the paperwork.

Jax It, a Giant Schnauzer pup (who was from a whole litter in rescue), has limited vision. This was when he met his new mom!

VSGSR networks nationwide with other Giant Schnauzer Rescues, and partners with Maricopa County Animal Care and Control, as a New Hope partner.

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Fundraising efforts include: annual Giant Schnauzer Fun Day, Pets911 events, EBay auctions and other sales of our artists’ work, and private donations.


Click below for information on how to help this charity:

Website: http://www.vsgiantschnauzerrescue.org/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/55975513058/?ref=ts&fref=ts

Donations: http://www.vsgiantschnauzerrescue.org/donate

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