April 2019 Dog Of The Month: Woody

Open your hearts to Woody, our April 2019 DGP Dog Of The Month! Also known by his family as Mr. Woody Wooderson, this two year old pooch is a happy, active, and loyal companion. He is as excited about life as a dog can be.

woody april 2019 dog of the month
Woody on the water

Mr. Woody Wooderson is also a perfect example of the beauty of miscegenation: his DNA test showed a mix of Chihuahua, golden retriever, Belgian shepherd, and AmStaff terrier.

Besides his fluffy black fur (that makes him look the most adorable), this little guy has a rather charming overbite and loves to be close to and hugging his human friends. Certainly a heartthrob addition to our DGP Dog Of The Month hall of fame!

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