Kenji: DGP’s May Dog of the Month

Meet Kenji, DGP’s May Dog of the Month! Kenji, a 5 or 6 year old Samoyed, was rescued from a Korean meat farm.

Kenji May Dog of the Month

This canine’s hard start to life hasn’t affected his demeanor. His pet parent affectionately refers to him as the biggest teddy bear ever, and we can see why!

Kenji Laying Down

This furry friend enjoys playing fetch or taking a walk with his pet parent, Scott.  Recently, his walks had been cut short due to increasing discomfort. At 85 pounds, longer walks brought this lovable pup more joint problems than pleasure. These problems led his family to search for a solution, and it came in the form of DGP.

Kenji on Couch

Kenji is now back to his old self, and is enjoying time with his pet father and playing with his favorite toys. His family couldn’t be happier to have their teddy bear back and better than ever!

Kenji Playing with Toy

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