Bella: DGP’s October Dog of the Month

Introducing Bella, our latest DGP Dog of the Month! This 12 year old pup’s pet family considers her a walking miracle. Bella’s pet parents found her abandoned in a dumpster 10 years ago and have been with her every day since. From pregnancy to cancer, Bella’s life has been no walk in the park and her adopted family has been through it all with her.

When Bella’s pet parents found her in a dumpster she was malnourished and pregnant. This did not deter her loving family from taking her in and giving her the best life possible. If anything, her rough start to life has given her a strong and loving soul.

However, Bella’s health has always been a concern for her family. This fur-baby is no stranger to surgery: she has survived cancer procedures, intestinal blockages, and most recently a torn ACL. Her fragile health is the reason her pet parents began looking for supplements for Bella in the first place.

After Bella’s ACL surgery in 2012, her veterinarian expressed concerns about her ability to walk. Not only was this hard to hear, but the veterinarian also told the family that she would be on large doses of medication for the duration of her life. Bella’s family didn’t want that for their lovable pup.

With the intention to improve Bella’s quality of life, her family began to think of solutions. An answer came in the form of DGP. Bella’s family had used DGP on their dogs in the past to help with arthritis and a spinal injury. It seemed almost too good to be true! Not only is DGP effective, but it is also an all-natural supplement. After a consultation from her veterinarian, Bella began her DGP journey.

Bella can now walk, play, and run with her pet family with the help of DGP and other necessary treatments. This wonder-pup currently uses DGP, hydrotherapy, and laser and acupuncture treatments. Bella is doing great and enjoying her life without the need of any pain medication!

DGP is happy to give Bella more time to spend with her loving pet family.

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