DGP’s September Dog of the Month: Angus

DGP’s September Dog of the Month is Angus, the 11 year old dachshund!


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Angus’ owners, Steve and Beth Bjorkman, have a special connection with their furry friend who they have known since he was born in 2004. Angus was one of the five puppies born to a pair of dachshunds they owned. Angus grew up in the busy Bjorkman household along with his parents and two of his brothers.





Angus loved special family time with his dog family and enjoys playing, going on walks, and cuddling up with his pet parents.

Sadly, Angus is the last remaining dachshund of the bunch. That’s why it was exceptionally heartbreaking when Angus starting to have trouble with his mobility.




Steve and Beth started worrying when their loyal friend began having trouble walking. After DGP, Angus is back to enjoying his daily morning visits to the lake where he happily prances along the shore, exploring the water and surrounding elements. He is even back to running, jumping, and scouting for new adventures!

Angus is able to enjoy long walks, around one hour each, twice a day. Some days he even goes on up to four walks. Steve and Beth can tell Angus is happy again because he shows his mirth by rolling on his back. Angus has also returned to his normal eating habits and chows down on his favorite foods, such as steak, canned venison, salmon, broccoli, and jerky treats after his long walks!




At the end of the day when Angus is tired out from all of his running around, he is a true cuddler and loves to crawl under the warm, cozy covers with his owners.


Angus also loves being playful and going for adventures in all types of weather. He enjoys chew toys, chasing balls, and laser pointers. He also loves weekly bath time and being pampered like the king that he is!


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We are so happy that DGP could help Angus return to his playful self and embrace life! Here is a video highlighting his improvements after DGP.


If you have a similar story, please email us at dgppets@gmail.com for a chance to be featured as next month’s Dog of the Month.


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