Ellie: DGP’s April Dog of the Month

Introducing Ellie our latest DGP Dog of the Month. This 6 year old shih tzu never leaves the house without a hair bow or DGP dose!

Ellie can be found playing with her pet parents or hanging out with her best friend Ella, another shih tzu. Don’t let her bow fool you, she is a wrestling fool! Often you can find these two shih tzus wrestling together. However, all that wrestling can take a toll on an older canine’s body and our latest DGP star was no exception.

Her pet parent’s were overjoyed when Ellie was introduced to DGP. Not only did it help her feel better, but she also enjoys the taste. Now this little lady can wrestle with the best of them without feeling sore!

When she isn’t with her best friend Ella, she’s hanging out with her canine cousin Kenji. Kenji, an 85 pound Samoyed rescued from a meat farm, keeps Ellie feeling young. The two can be found playing with her favorite toy, an earmuff wearing hedgehog, or performing acrobatic tricks.

Ellie’s pet parents are happy to see their furry friend sticking to activities that she likes and couldn’t be happier for all that DGP has done for their dog.

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