DGP’s December Dog of the Month: Diesel

Meet Diesel, a Gotti Razor Edge Bluenose Pitbull. This lovable pup has been with his pet-parent Julie for the last three years. The pair enjoy spending time together so much, that Diesel and Julie often go to work together. He can’t seem to tear himself away.


When Diesel isn’t working in the office you can find him dressing up as Batman or playing with his favorite orange ball. His family calls it, “the best ball ever”, because he cannot destroy it. He doesn’t spend all day playing with toys, you can also find him swimming or riding around with his pet-sibling (Julie’s son).


This canine companion also enjoys eating food with his family. They find it hard to say no, when he sits patiently waiting for some human food. After a long day of work, play, and eating you may find Diesel fast asleep while sitting up! This usually happens after a long day for Diesel.


Julie and Diesel end their days with a DGP treat and some quality time together. This furry friend is so lovable, that he even changed Julie’s mind about his breed!


We are happy DGP can give this pair more time together.

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