Pet Friendly Hotels

What can be better than going on vacation with your loved ones? Years ago, traveling somewhere overnight usually meant keeping the family pet with a sitter. Unfortunately this meant your best friend would miss out on the family fun. These days the story has been rewritten. Millions of Americans have adopted pets and are spending millions more to accommodate their fur-babies. Many Hotels have listened to their customers and extended service to guests of the four-legged kind.

If you are looking for pet-friendly vacation ideas, a quick Google search will turn up a lot of information. My favorite website to use is You can specify your destination and the website then generates a list of pet-friendly hotels, attractions, air travel, and even restaurants! The list also  includes user reviews. Another good site to use is which is chock-full  of info, but doesn’t include reviews (like

Many hotels will accommodate your pet for a nominal fee (usually around $25) and may usually throw in basic accommodations like food, water bowls, special beds, etc… If you want to pamper your pooch, there are some hotels, like the W, that go the extra mile and offer concierge service and high-end products. My personal favorite hotel is the iconic Empire Hotel in NYC.  Bring your pet and they will offer him/her a dog bowl, dog toy, and (my dog) Lylah’s personal favorite: a doggy bath robe… Plus you just might spot a celeb or two!

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