DGP’s October Dog of the Month: Casey

DGP for Pet’s October 2015 Dog of the Month is 10 year old Casey.

Casey has been with her owner, Mary Jo Ferraro Krewson, since she was six weeks old. Casey has been a sweet and caring friend since she was a puppy. Casey has brought so much joy to her family that they decided to give Casey a companion and adopt another puppy about a year ago. Casey was very excited to have a sibling and they love playing together.

Casey at home

Casey and her new friend were enjoying the cold weather and playing in the snow. While exploring, this adventurous pooch slipped on a patch of ice and fell on her right side. A few days later, this poor doggo began limping and had to be taken to the vet. She was having trouble jumping up on the bed and walking up stairs. Her owner, Mary, found out that Casey tore her ACL from the fall. Her vet prescribed DGP and within the month, she was back to her usual fun-loving, adventurous self.

Adorable Casey

Now, this delightful doggy enjoys spending time with her owners and adopted sibling. Our amazing dog of the month and her sibling enjoy playing or relaxing together in the house. They can also be found outside racing each other or exploring the changing seasons.

Casey and her sibling

We are so happy that DGP could help this wonderful pooch enjoy time with her family again.

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