Meet Our February Dog of the Month Trio: Emmett, Lucas, and Cooper!


Emmett is a 10+ year old Staffie mix. We adopted him in 2006, and he changed our lives forever! He is a kind, gentle soul who everyone adores. For many years he worked as a therapy dog, but he’s enjoying retirement now. He inspired the blog and our adoption of our next two dogs.

Lucas, who’s about 7 now, is a shepherd mix. He was an extremely fearful, reactive dog, but he’s come a long way since those early days. Then, we adopted Cooper when he was only about 8 weeks old (he’s 3 now). His litter was dropped off at a pit bull community day, and we started as his foster family but Emmett and Lucas fell in love with him right away, so he stayed. The three of them love to RUN.

They take turns chasing each other around the backyard at breakneck speeds, and Lucas and Cooper play “wrestle mania” with each other when Emmett gets tired of running. They get along perfectly and are three peas in a pod. They’re practically inseparable. They have free reign of the house and are allowed on all the furniture, but they’re always squished up together sharing a dog bed or sofa. Even though they were all adopted from different shelters from around the country, they truly are brothers!


Emmett, Lucas, and Cooper (along with their kitty sister, Newt) are the inspiration behind the blog The blog’s tagline, obsessed with dogs, captures the spirit of the website and community. We cover everything dog: animal welfare, product reviews, DIY pup projects, training tips, inspiring stories, and more. The dogs’ antics and adventures keep the site positive and upbeat, and we’re so lucky to host a vibrant community of like-minded dog lovers who share their stories and experiences with one another. But Emmett, Lucas, and Cooper are what started it all!


By Maggie Marton,

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