Chance – DGP’s April Dog of The Month!

Angela Pearson tells us about her beloved “Chance”, DGP’s Dog of the Month!



“I adopted Chance from Capital Area Humane Society in Lansing, MI when he was just six months old…hence his name Chance (got his second chance at life). I had an 11-year-old and a 13-year-old daughter, and they instantly clicked. He became a member of the family. He would go running beside my daughters on their bikes, and he loved to go rabbit hunting during our five-mile walks in the fields.


As he approached 12-years-old, Chance started to slow down a little. When he turned 13, he no longer curled his tail over his back and he would drag his feet when we would go on walks. I took him to my vet, who put him on some Meds which Chance had a reaction to. I took him off them a week later. My friend who is an Ingham County Police officer, (whose partner has been retired and placed on DGP from the police vet) told me about your product. Coby (retired police dog) is so active I would never guess he had hip issues either. I took the steps and ordered your product, and a month later Chance no longer dragged his feet…AND his tail is curled up again!”

Video: Here is Chance, on a brisk walk after taking his DGP!



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