10 Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe While Swimming

Once the weather becomes warm,  we  are quick to hit the beach, park and lake with our dogs. Follow these 10 simple steps to make sure your dog is staying safe while taking a dip.

  1. If your dog has arthritis or other joint issues, cold water can irritate the condition. Try and stick to warmer areas like shallow or bay water.

  2. Dogs should always be fitted with a safety vest if they are in water where they cannot touch or reach shore easily.

  3. If this is the first time your pet is swimming, give them a gradual introduction. Take them into the water by slowly walking them or holding them tightly.

  4. Always supervise your furry friend. Just like a child swimming in the water, they always need to be watched in case of emergency.

  5. Don’t let your dog drink the pool water! Always keep a supply of fresh water around so your dog can drink without absorbing the chemicals from the pool water.

  6. Just like pool water, don’t let your dog drink salt water from the ocean. Salt or other pollutants will be present in oceans or lakes.

  7. In case of an emergency, keep floatation devices nearby. Dogs can panic easily in the water, so it is important to keep a life preserver attached to a long line nearby.

  8. Prepare for parasites. Many areas where pets can swim could be filled with ticks, mosquitoes and fleas. Ensure your pet is being kept safe by using flea and tick control before you hit the water.

  9. When your dog is done swimming, make sure to rinse salt, sand, and microscopic organisms from your dog’s fur.

  10. Make it a positive experience with lots of encouragement and praise!

Stick to these simple tips and you and your dog will have a fantastic and cool summer in the water!

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